Monday, 19 November 2012

Recycling RUBBER 2: TIREniture

We continue with our feature on "Recycling Rubber". Today we look into TIREniture- furniture made out of recycled rubber tires. 

Trendy Lounger
made from recycled rubber tires
Designed by Leo Kempf

With creativity we could create excellent furniture from recycled material. Designed by Leo Kempf, this old tires got new look as a trendy lounger. Made of FSC Birch and recycled tires, this cool chaise lounge is dubbed the Tired Lounge. This cool lounger looks as cozy as other sun lounger that we use to see. This green furniture will not only provide you a spot for relaxing while reading your favorite book, but it will also allow make your room look more interesting. Recycling old and unused object will give us a chance to help protecting the earth. Take a look at this cool furniture below and we hope you’ll be inspired. Read more

Here are some more trendy furniture 
made from recycled rubber tires:

The TIRE Chair
by Alex Howie Furniture

Designed by by Carl Menary

Recycle Your Tires Into…Chairs? Re-Tyre
Re-Tyre by Carl Menary is a product born out of the environmental dilemma of disposing of scrap tyres. The design is an alternative to burning, converting the scrap tyres into outdoor furniture with minimal resources and energy. This eco friendly furniture is formed from one truck tire, which is folded and fixed with two recycle wheel bolt assemblies to become a comfortable outdoor seat. Read more...

Coffee Table & Chairs
Recycled Car Tire Furniture

Indoor/Outdoor Chair
Recycled Rubber Tires

Recycled Tire Furniture
from Eccotrack

Eccotrack creates outstanding tables 
and chairs using discarded tires
One man’s trash is another’s treasure. This saying goes well with Eccotrack – Uruguay-based recycler group that reuses discarded tires to create outstanding coffee tables, bar tables, chairs and belts. This is a good example of ingenuity to give people something unique and appealing out of things that are otherwise deemed useless and wasted. Additionally, the exquisite range of rubber furniture is washable, waterproof and eco-friendly. 

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