Friday, 18 January 2013

Partitions & Dividers 6: DIY Vertical Garden-Room Divider

Today's craft challenge- make your own vertical garden-room divider. This is a great project for people who live in the 'big city' and have a longing for some green in their living space.

I found two vertical garden design models on the internet. The first one is a  DIY step-by-step vertical garden tutorial using inexpensive Ikea plant stands. The second one uses bamboo and some ropes. So if you have access to some bamboo, this project is perfect for you. 

Design  Project 1:
Making Your Own Vertical Garden Room Divider 
Using Inexpensive Ikea Plant Stands
All you need to make this 'green' room divider are a few potted plants and some inexpensive plant stands from Ikea. You can make your living wall room divider as large or as small as you desire by using less or more plant stands, and you can always move the stands around into different configurations when you have friends over or if your greens need more sunlight near a window. Read on to learn how to create a new green wall for your home in less than an hour!--Yuka Yoneda, Inhabitat

Design  Project 2:
Bamboo Plant Pots As Hanging Room Divider
All you need: Bamboo, Ropes, Soil and Plants
Tip: Use pre-treated bamboo to extend the life of your divider.
Learn more about bamboo treatment: 
Check out these sites: Bambooroo,Bambooman

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